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Hokusai Wave Pendant 2 cm Silver

Hokusai Wave Pendant 2 cm Silver

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Hokusai Wave Pendant 2 cm Silver. A pendant made entirely by hand in 925 silver which depicts the great wave of Kanagawa by the famous Japanese painter Hokusai. A stormy wave that threatens some boats in the sea off the coast of an area of ​​Kanagawa with Mount Fuji in the background which can be considered the iconic image of the modern contrast between the immense strength of nature and the fragility of man in the face of it.

ATTENTION: the price does not include the silver chain.

Do you need the necklace? Ball chain


MATERIAL Silver 925
FINISHING Glossy Darkness
COMPONENTS It does not contain Nickel

*The galvanic treatment consists in the deposition of a thin layer of a metal or alloy different from that used for the base. E.g. 925 Silver plated in Yellow Gold.

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